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Nurture Your Leads With Email Marketing

So you got some leads from your Pay Per Click Marketing or SEO campaigns. Congrats! Now what?  Good news: your services are in demand. Beyond the initial prospecting phase and consulting your soon to be client, maintaining and growing a robust email database is a top priority that continuously serves your subscribers and grows your business.

Tips to consider when embarking on email marketing:

All contact forms via paid search landing pages, organic contact forms, and newsletter sign-ups should be linked using API scripts directly to your email database.

Segment and update your list based on their product inquiry and buying status, prospects and clients.

Establish a template coded in html that depicts your brand and offers meaningful tips or sales promotions. To increase your open rate, come up with a compelling email subject, say something credible, sell something gaudy – just make it worthwhile.  Keep it concise to 4 or 5 words.

Specs? We recommend using html templates set to 600 x 800. This simplified template enables all mobile and desktop devices immediate viewing capability. A common email faux pas is to send large singular images that load slowly on various browsers and mobile devices.

Now that you’ve honed your email marketing, launch an automated “drip email” that delivers useful information, deals, and more on a regular basis.  Be mindful of your audience, personalize your messages, vary your themes and timing.  Keep them informed but don’t oversell on each e-blast.

Nurturing leads using email marketing certainly requires creativity and time, but given the benefits to sales conversion, its non-negotiable for businesses in the know.

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