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The Big Advantage for Small Business Advertising on Google Adwords

The pay to play platform of Google Adwords offers online advertisers immediate access to promote their business. Based on your campaign’s cost per clicks bids and quality score, Google will display your sponsored ads at the top and right hand side of all search results.

Keywords with high search traffic and high demand by other advertisers require a higher cost per click. In contrast, keywords with lower search traffic maintain a lower cost per click.

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Google Adwords Pay Per Click Bid Strategy

So how many clicks does it take for your ads to be clicked upon versus the number of impressions? This concept is known as click through rate and it’s influenced by ad quality and ad position. Thus, raising cost per click bids improves higher ad positions. When forecasting a monthly Adwords budget, cost per click bids and click through rates are important factors to consider.

Typically, advertisers that sell big ticket items such as wedding venue catering, luxury hotel accommodations, and legal counsel, bid above Google’s cost per click bid recommendations to ensure their ads display at the highest position possible.

Naturally, a user that queries Google search bar is most likely to read and click on ads that are closest to the top of the page.
A well thought out Adwords campaign and bid strategy can produce top search engine rankings and make your business visible to many potential customers.


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