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Advice on Mobile Campaigns

Let me ask you something. Do you remember the last time you filled out a contact form on your smart phone? Does ‘how about never’ sound right to you?

If you are trying to develop new leads from Pay Per Click, it’s more practical to use the ad extension for users to call instead of taking them to a landing page or website.

On the other hand, GILT has successfully established e-commerce sales from its mobile sites.

Recommendation: if you’re selling a complex service such as software, event planning, online degrees, etc., to attract a qualified lead, consider setting the hours of your mobile campaign along with your mobile ad extension in-line with your hours of operation.

For example, an advertiser targeting B2B software sales has a better chance to create leads from a mobile campaign with a dedicated click to call setting that routes callers to a pre-sales team than directing mobile traffic to a landing page with a submission form.

Why? Answer: users searching by keyword via smart phones are on the go and are naturally less inclined to fill out landing page forms for products and services. Ads with ‘click to call’ are best suited to serve their impulsive demand.

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